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My aim is to feel, to understand and to get to know the world. You can read some of my experiences, adventures and thoughts from this journey.

Christmas season on - Conferences off (Part 1)

Posted : 2017-12-06 / by stunnyslove

We’ve reached the very last month of the year. In December there are no more conferences, all the awards have been granted. But even so, we can go to more client gatherings and corporate end-of-the-year parties and the last...

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How to hack Cannes Lions

Posted : 2017-05-22 / by stunnyslove

 Alright… I’m not talking about the virtual hacking of the festival but about the know-how of enjoying it to the fullest… without spending a fortune. (Yeah, lucky you if your company is willing to pay for your trip and...

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a good excuse to come to London

Posted : 2017-04-06 / by stunnyslove

Another PR conference... In London again. It is international and well, yes… we are organizing it.Three years ago, when I was invited to join CIPR International Committee, I decided that I couldn’t expect professional development simply by paying the...

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Apples vs pears // creativity vs efficiency

Posted : 2016-11-18 / by stunnyslove

In the last couple of days, I had the chance to judge entries for both a Hungarian and an international PR Award. And yes... I could not resist the temptation to share my experiences in some kind of social...

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What 'Money Monster' teaches?

Posted : 2016-06-28 / by stunnyslove

7 quickies after watching the movie 'Money Monster'.

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State of the Profession

Posted : 2016-06-06 / by stunnyslove

How „state of the profession” surveys can help increase the quality of work in PR?Communications strategists often struggle because of the lack of insights to campaigns clients ask them/us to manage. In order to get better insights from our customers,...

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The forecast 2016

Posted : 2016-01-16 / by stunnyslove

I am looking out the window at Kioskafe early December, sipping my fresh mint tea and browsing among myriads of magazine titles from all over the world. ‘Keep my carry-on luggage in mind, don’t buy everything you like’’ -...

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Kreativ Prizma 2015 shortlist

Posted : 2015-11-30 / by stunnyslove

I was lucky to be a part of the jury for one of the most influential Hungarian PR awards, Kreativ Prizma (Kreativ is a B2B paper for the communications industry in Hungary). This year we had 89 applications and...

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CIPR - HuPRA agreement

Posted : 2015-11-24 / by stunnyslove

Around 18 months ago, when I joined CIPR as a Global Affiliate and started visiting its events, attending webinars and downloading lots of Skills Guides, I instantly appreciated how supportive this trade organization was. I’ve been a member of the Hungarian PR...

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Top summer PR reads and films

Posted : 2015-11-24 / by stunnyslove

What are your top books and movies about the PR profession? In this post, I’ll share some of my favourites. Although this year’s summer is not as nice and warm as last year’s, we are still in the middle...

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