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Andras Sztaniszlav has always been inspired by architects because of the profession’s duality (you need to be an artist to dream, an engineer to stay on the ground and also a humanist to design your building to fit in an environment). To sustain his love of urbanism and architecture he changed his career and started to study journalism in University of Szeged (Hungary) and audit courses at University of Berkeley and Columbia (both USA) and then freelanced for years. He later became a corporate communication consultant.

Due to his creativity Andras was invited to several innovative projects such as @RC billboard competition and exhibition, some rebranding projects and he is still sensitive to design and style related issues. On the other hand, his structural thinking, strategic approach and effectiveness help him and his clients implement their dreams and plans.

After the financial crisis, he firmly believes the old days will never come back. Everyone will need a completely different approach to strategic thinking. Instead of planning for 3-5 years ahead (as he did with his top-tiere clientele in the financial, energy, consultancy and mobility sector) you have to be sensitive to how the market is changing, be flexible and react by following or setting new trends. To prove his flexibility, Andras moved to the UK (from Hungary) and turned to global issues and challenges. He can now help Hungarian clients enter the UK market and vice-versa for UK based companies in Central-Eastern Europe.

Andras joined Chartered Institute of Public Relations. Later became its international group’s committee member and also Events sub-group leader. He also kept his consultancy (PersonaR) which focuses on challenges for corporations and international brands. In the meantime, Andras launched his own personal brand (stunnyslove) which is even more flexible, practical. It offers bespoke solutions for SME’s and start-ups, while also providing b2b consultancy for agencies, angel and venture capitals.

His keen interest on sustainability, future of communications and urban living turned him to work with charities and non-profits, too. Andras also has lots of new ideas and he is desperately looking for partners to collaborate.

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Andras Sztaniszlav

communication strategist


Strategic approach 95%
Evaluation, measurement, analysis 85%
Social media management 60%
Content management 80%

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The answer is always within you. We only have to work on rehashing, structuring and planting it back in your heart and mind. Since we do not execute campaigns, our support is always based on clients’ needs. We provide custom solutions. Our method is more asking questions and discussing rather than telling ‘THE RIGHT WAY”.

The added values are decade of experience // global and strategic approach // benchmarks and best practices from all over the world // an outsider’s view // enthusiasm.

Our aim is to provide CONTENT-based, TARGET AUDIENCE-oriented, channel-SPECIFIC solutions.
We recommend this service for start-ups, and small, medium or even big companies introducing new products and services or entering new markets. We offer strategic advice, stakeholder mapping, messaging, KPI setting and communication plans. Most projects can be finished within a month or two.
This service is suitable for b2b clients, marketing and PR agencies, financial advisors, and mentors. We offer 3 different support packages (which vary in time and degree) but all include strategic approach and availability for one-on-one consultation. Do you have multiple brands, clients or products? Do your comms plans, (social) media performance need re-evaluating? Would you like help with international benchmarking? This is the service for you!
This is popular among entrepreneurs, company leaders, and corporate communication teams. Should you encounter a big challenge or a crisis, or if you are facing a strategic decision-making process, you may find it useful to talk to an objective party with a global and strategic approach. Our experience with multinational campaigns, managing crisis and complex corporate challenges help us sort things out. We create structure within your chaos, give you market insight and case studies, provide inspiring conversations. If this sounds like what you need, let’s talk.
Powerful non-profits, grown-up start-ups, holding companies and educational organizations often require experts from different fields. NEDs do not work within company’s structure, instead support it from the sideline. We can help you with market insights, professional experience and networking. If you need someone to help connect your business goals with communications planning and potential business partners or need someone to supervise your communications activity this a very good way to gain that support.