a good excuse to come to London

Posted : 2017-04-06 / by stunnyslove

Another PR conference... In London again. It is international and well, yes… we are organizing it.

Three years ago, when I was invited to join CIPR International Committee, I decided that I couldn’t expect professional development simply by paying the membership fee, but that I would only get it by working real hard on it. I had a poor international network at that time and I was familiar with the global trends only by reading newsletters. Since I joined the Committee, then I’ve become very positive that we can learn the most from each other: the more we share, the more value we will be able to add to our own work. Last year when we approached around 1,000 members of CIPR International (about half of whom live overseas), the expectation emerged for us to provide more opportunities for real dialogue and networking… And yes, all this in London.   

So we decided to organise the first CIPR International Conference to give people the opportunity for real dialogue and networking. After a couple of months of discussion, the Committee decided to jump into the organisation process: we scheduled the date to coincide with the Maggie Nally Lecture featuring Robyn de Villiers’ keynote about the current PR market in Africa. Anyone interested not only in hearing Robyn’s insight into the African region but also in being in the UK Houses of Parliament and a dinner in the Lords looking at the Thames, are encouraged to reserve their seats as soon as possible.

Using a simple pun, we named the conference „CIPR International Global PRactice” and selected the following three topics (all the topics were identified as top ones of interest in a survey we undertook of our members last year):

1)   managing global crisis;

2)   ethical dilemmas (facilitated with some games);

3)   managing international communications teams (agency/corporate).

We chose the area of King’s Cross to host the conference. (A side remark for those who would like to stay for the weekend to do some touristic stuff: you can visit Harry Potter’s Platform 9¾ at King’s Cross Station.)

We aimed at being multicultural with the topics as well as some of the presenters of the conference. This is not surprising, since the Committee itself is pretty colourful: Polish, Serbian, Norwegian, Italian, Singaporian, Swiss and Hungarian members (alongside with our British colleagues of course) are working on this project in cooperation.

We do hope that this conference will be attractive for our current members and also for those who would join our global community down the line. Check out our dedicated event website, reserve your seat and start planning your long – and educational - weekend in London.