What 'Money Monster' teaches?

Posted : 2016-06-28 / by stunnyslove

7 quickies after watching the movie 'Money Monster'.

#1 American pop(corn)-movies have to be so simplified, stereotype-loaded for the masses to understand that usually they lose the finesse and smooth details

#2 Average, six-pack joes suck all the time

#3 Small investors - although they are motivated by good purposes most of the time - usually do not understand finances, are not able/or do not put any effort into understanding what is going on with their money

#4 Everymen usually hate selfish, arrogant media professionals on screen - yet they watch and follow them.

#5 Machines, online robots and algorithms can be inaccurate, still most wrongdoings are usually done by humans.

#6 Bankers are (or look like) sly, smart, money-seeking bastards, but we only blame them for when we lose. If they make profit from our investments we don’t care how they made it - but we should...

#7 Reputation of PR pros cannot really get worse (ie: chick of the boss, executors, bullshit-generators) but at least screenwriters gave us a chance to compensate - do we recognize these ethical challenges and opportunities and make the right decisions in our profession?


my solution would be: transparency // awareness // responsibility and some ethics from all parties. I believe.