CIPR - HuPRA agreement

Posted : 2015-11-24 / by stunnyslove

Around 18 months ago, when I joined CIPR as a Global Affiliate and started visiting its events, attending webinars and downloading lots of Skills Guides, I instantly appreciated how supportive this trade organization was. I’ve been a member of the Hungarian PR Association  for almost 10 years and have experienced a disconnect between the organization and the rest of the PR community.

I realized then that connecting the two organizations by establishing structured collaboration, will benefit both the associations and their members. The agreement came to be and was signed last week, so the task is now to fill it with content and people – as we do in our profession. Here are some of the advantages of this relationship.  

  • Learn from each other The UK market is one of the most advanced in terms of size, history, reputation and supportiveness, which makes it a great learning opportunity for other markets. The more sophisticated and competitive UK market provides a good way for Hungarians to gain experience in the sub-sectors of Public Relations and Public Affairs. On the other hand the tough circumstance made Hungarian PR professionals more persistent and creative which could be good skills in the global playground and in the UK as well.  


  • Benchmarks The State of Profession survey has been conducted by CIPR for ages, so they already have a deep and comprehensive status report of the market in the UK. My consultancy (based in Budapest) accompanied by HuPRA will conduct the very same survey this year in the Hungarian market. This will not only give HuPRA the chance to familiarize themselves more with the industry, but will be comparable to UK data, and both CIPR and HuPRA will be able to extract useful insights.  


  • Women in power It is part of the development of our profession that more and more women have been working in PR and also in higher and more influential positions. And how nice that the presidents (Sarah Pinch and Zsofia Lakatos) of the organizations are both influental women and also both raising one-year-old children! Such a lovely benchmark. (Agreement was signed by Eva Maclaine (Board Member of CIPR, Chair of CIPR International) and Zsofia Lakatos (President of Hungarian PR Association) as seen on pic above)  


  • Education – CPD programme. CIPR has put more and more emphasis on skills development. Practical studies (workshops, webinars) and theoretical knowledge (white papers, relationship between PR practitioners and academics) plus your personal development programme (CPD) not only help but inspire you to upgrade your level of knowledge. This agreement with CIPR will give HuPRA access to global knowledge development programs like GBOKP, which will be helpful in compiling guidelines for the Hungarian national higher education content of Public Relations. Hungarian practice might provide useful input for CIPR too, since responses to local challenges will be part of the global answers.  


  • Chartered PR practitioner. Ethical norms and practical guidelines can help improve the reputation of our profession. Chartered status elaborated by CIPR will be accessable to HuPRA members, who might be able to gain and receive a trusted and prestigious qualification provided by a professional body of the biggest European market.  


  • “Doing PR in …” CIPR International group’s committee will launch a webinar series providing insight and very practical knowledge about certain regions of the world, regarding local facts, nature of the market, advantages and challenges which describe that particular region. As part of this agreement, HuPRA will provide one of the key speakers when our webinar series turn into Central-Europe.  

As an independent strategic PR expert with global focus, I will certainly strive for HuPRA to find more trade organizations to connect to in order to gain knowledge and networking opportunities for its members. As member of CIPR International’s committee, I will also focus on extending its official relations to a global level so that through agreements like this, it will be able to provide useful support for its growing number of members.

If you are interested in connecting CIPR to your country’s trade association or have any thoughts on this global issue, do not hesitate to contact…